my dharma journey to mental healthiness

first post

My friend Kriste calls me "bucko". I forget why. But you know how certain nicknames sound just right when said by certain people? Kriste's "bucko" sounds just right.

And given the role of Kriste in my life – something between goddess and Ultimate Hero of the Universe – it's appropriate this blog have its roots in our friendship. I was going to write a slightly different blog, but I've decided to expand the scope of it somewhat. Originally, it was going to be a blog about my mental health journey; in January, I get insurance under the ACA, and I'll be using it to see a doctor about my mental health (and another doctor for my first physical in years). The blog will be about my journey to get my shit together in general. So it'll cover mental health aspects of my life, but also how I learn to be a business person, how I become disciplined in taking care of my affairs, and all such related things.

I do not know what this blog will uncover. It's called "carpe bucko" because it will be an attempt to recover the whole of my life, to seize my health and authenticity every single day. Seize the Bucko; yea, I really don't know what the means. But it sounds good, and it makes a good blog title. And it's what every piece of writing needs: a beginning.